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I want to thank God Almighty for his favour upon me. I joined Smartlearning mid 2017 and I enrolled for the Governance, Risk & Compliance training. It was indeed a wonderful experience. Today I’ve been blessed with 2 job offers and I am so grateful. My story is not complete without mentioning my men...

Oby M

Compliance Manager

I was part of the 2022 batch with smart learning . I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University University Glasgow and I just got role as Risk Analyst with a reputable construction and engineering firm here in the Uk I want to thank all the SmartLearning tutors especially Mr Wale Omolere for ta...


Risk Analyst

I just accepted an offer as Associate Director for Infrastructure & Cloud Architecture for Kyndryl, a consulting organisation . So delighted and wanted to share this news with you. I will like to use this medium to thank you very much for your wonderful and blessed platform. This is my 3rd job sinc...

Kemi T

Cloud Security Analyst

I have received another job offer for a GDPR BA. What can I say other than the Lord has done it. I have gone from loads of interviews with no success to getting offers from the ONLY TWO GDPR ROLES I WENT FOR. God is indeed faithful.God bless you Wale and give you wisdom. I will encourage all others ...

John Hammond

GDPR Business Analyst

I'm please to inform you that I got a role with an insurance company as a GDPR IT Business Analyst working on a combination of GDPR, New York Cyber Security and Information Security programme which is really exciting. I want to say a big thank you to the SmartLearning team. Got to know about GDPR e...


Business Analyst

I'm just writing to say thanks for the help you've given me; I just landed a role at Bet365 as information security officer, given it was my first interview since the course had finished. I just want to say that the learning materials, your support, and post services have really been instrumental in...

Tomi Sho

Information Security Officer

It’s my pleasure to inform that I recently secured a role as a DLP Business Analyst role with one of the biggest retail business in the country. I had worked as a business analyst in my previous roles but have never worked on any cyber security program. I joined SmartLearning through a friend (Betty...

Ikenna O

DLP Business Analyst

I want to first thank God and the team at Smartlearning. God has just blessed me with a contract infosec BA role. The interview was a chat as the interviewer loved my knowledge of security controls and access management. All which I learned from Wale during my GDPR training. Wale always says no kn...

Louis N.

Business Analyst

I am so excited to tell you i have secured my 1st contract BA role. I started a new BA role last week and now this contract. I bless God. Thanks for your immense support and for having me on your platform. I really appreciate that. It's a digital transformation role, however, GDPR gave me an edge a...

Didi U.

Business Analyst

Praise God!!Just to let you know I just got a BA GDPR Role with a global law firm. It has been a long journey to get to this Promised Land but thank God for people Like you and also for my team mates; Josephine Boyo,Oloade Adeniga,Chinny,Adetokunbo,Harry,Yvone,Thoko,Grace,Juliet,Akinola and all oth...

Francis P.

Business Analyst

Good evening bro. The Lord has turned my captivity. I am like them that dream. I have been offered GDPR BA role. Had a 20min phone interview and the feedback was that my answers were so professional that there was no need going through 2nd stage or asking too many questions. I thank you for the vide...

Daniel A.

Business Analyst

I woke up with a lot of joy in my heart as I have been offered a BA role with an Insurance company. Your training was very insightful and the approach gave me a lot of confidence after several months of not working. I am really grateful to you and the smart learning team. God bless you and take you ...

Betty .H

Business Analyst

I was part of the feb 2023 training batch after a friend introduce me to smart learning platform. I just got role as a GRC Analyst with a reputable financial firm after many failed interview. I want to thank all the Smartlearning tutors for their contributions toward my learning especially Mr @...


GRC Analyst

I have just secured a Business Analyst - GDPR role with a local authority, guys you all can do it , just keep applying. The way the job came about was interesting. I attended an interview last week and I was not successful, they said I did well but they wanted to go for someone with more experience...

Harry Boje

GDPR Business Analyst

I Joined smart learning at the beginning of August. Went through a detailed work based training with Wale. As soon as the training ended, I started looking for a new role in GDPR. I was fortunate to get an interview with an investment bank and I contacted Wale for more assistance on certain areas I ...


GDPR Project Manager

I joined the group mid 2017. At the time I was in an employment situation that was unfulfilling in many ways, but after a referral from a friend I decided to take a leap of faith and see what SmartLearning could offer me in terms of a career change. I then attended the GDPR training webinars and too...

Kenny K

GDPR Business Analyst

Hello Wale, I have been offered a role as a contract GDPR Project Manager. I am just humbled and speechless. Over the past week, I have been getting calls from recruiters wanting to put me forward for interviews. This is in contrasts to before I joined smart learning when i was getting nothing. I h...

Maduka E

GDPR Project Manager

Just to let you know, I was offered a role yesterday as GDPR PM to implement for a Government services organisation. Your material was key to success. I listened to your GDPR framework recording and basically used this to answer all the questions I was asked. In fact the feedback I got from the empl...

DC .Immanuel

GDPR Project Manager

Best success story ever!!! Be inspired My case is different! My testimony has arrived. God has completely destroyed job stagnation and has put a new song in my mouth. I have been offered a role as a GDPR Advisor with RSSB in London. I lost count of applications and interviews I attended but to God b...

John .H

GDPR Advisor

Our God has done it. He secured a GDPR PM role for me with a fourth generation multi-billion retail company on Friday the 16th March 2018. I was interviewed for the role on Friday 16th, and was called by the agent 15mins after the interview that they want me to start asap because they do not want to...

Esther .W

GDPR Project Manager

I was after Cyber Security but you encouraged me to start with GDPR and you promised to “hold my hands” Thank you for doing so. Over a week ago you and Albert advised me to sort out my CV and start sending it out. What followed could only have been God! Monday 19/02/18: Started sending out my CV a...

Felicia .A

Business Analyst

I have been offered a role as a contract GDPR Project Manager. I am just humbled and speechless. Over the past week, I have been getting calls from recruiters wanting to put me forward for interviews. This is in contrasts to before I joined smart learning when i was getting nothing. I had been despe...

Yvonne K

GDPR Project Manager

To thine self first be true and remember God is too faithful to fail The journey Came across the term ethical hacking in 2007 took my first security certification that year and knew the career part i wanted. Fast forward to 2018 I am now in a role where I doing everything from threat hunting to vuln...

Timi S

Cyber Security Analyst

Hello sir, God has done it. God in His infinite goodness and mercies has given me a job. I would like to thank God for ordering my steps in meeting the great man of God Wale and his wonderful team of mentors (Tunde, Tola, Pelumi, Ade and uncle Albert), your prayer, love, support and encouragement is...

Joyce A

Information Security Analyst

Praise God!!! God has indeed done it again for us at Smartlearning. After the telephone interview, I was offered the job to start immediately!!! Please I want to remain anonymous until the references and clearance is done. Thanks 🙏 and God bless....


Cyber Security Analyst

I got my first security role today. I joined SmartLearning in October, started job hunting in November and here I am today with an offer. I want to thank everyone in the forum that contributed to this journey especially the mentors who groomed and gave me the confidence to step out. Your tutoring a...

Abigail A

Cyber Security Analyst

Good news! Good news! I had my 6 months probation review meeting today with my CFO and CTO and I want to thank God that it went very well. The following were the result of the meeting: 1. Salary increase 2. Bonus at the end of December 2017 for my performance 3. 2018 fully funded training I wish to...

Adetola A

Cyber Security Analyst

I joined SmartLearning GDPR training around September last year (thanks to Jamel) after trying to switch to IT Security for a while. The training was so good that I have joined at least 2 other training courses since then. During this time, I have seen more than 50 people get jobs on this platform a...

Seun F

GDPR Manager

I wanted to tell you that I got another role I'm in my 2nd week here and really enjoying it as I have total autonomy and am the go to person in this role. I give God all the glory I didn’t really have to apply as soon as one role finished another one was waiting for me. It's a GDPR role with a well ...

Jo Boyo

GDPR Project Manager

Hi Wale, I just want to drop this good news here. God has done it again. I got a role about 6months ago as a Security analyst, it was meant to be short term till end of October but I got lucky it was ended for another 6months. While have been learning on this role, have been on the lookout for a big...

Bunmi K

Cyber Security Analyst

I want to show my appreciation to the Smartlearning platform!, I secured a new contract as an information security consultant with an insurance company. It was a rushed interview request with last minute support from one of the Trainers to demystify the terms in the job spec and I got the role! The ...


Cybersecurity Analyst

I just got a permanent IAM analyst role with a financial company...


IAM Analyst

As an experienced Business Analyst (BA), I needed to up my skills to easily secure a job in another company, because the BA market is well saturated. I was referred to Smartlearning, where I got top-notch videos on IoT visualization training. Today I work in the Data Science/IoT team of a Pharmaceut...


Business Analyst

My sincere appreciation goes to Wale and Tunde for their guidance and encouragement during my training with Smartlearning.It was challenging transiting from nursing to IT. I am glad that I didn't listen to the other side of the argument. Hence, I persisted and finally break through that iron door th...

Peter Akpunon

IT Support Analyst

My deep appreciation goes out to the CEO, and the whole Smartlearning staff. Special shout-out to the super Project Manager.When I joined the course in October, I had no prior working experience with computers and certainly not Cyber Security concepts. But five short months of taking the course, wor...

David Alakija

SoC Analyst

I would like to say a big thank to the Smartlearning Team, especially for tolerating some of my most unbelievable questions.I have been offered a Third-party assurance role with a leading organisation. Prior to my offer, I had three interviews with three different organisations and I almost gave up ...


Information Security Analyst

I would like to extend my gratitude to Smart Learning Team for the Training and support given to me. After Several Job applications and interviews, I have been offered not one but two roles! I would like to extend my thanks to the Interview prep team for prepping me for the interviews. I shared a pi...

Tony Ekanem

Information Security Analyst

I would like to say a big thank to the Smartlearning Team, especially for tolerating some of my most unbelievable questions. I have been offered a Third-party assurance role with a leading organization. Prior to my offer, I had three interviews with three different organisations and I almost gave up...

Reni Afolabi

Third Party Risk Analyst

I lost my job in 2018 and started the GRC training in 2021. I applied for several jobs, after 2 months into the training, but did not pass through the initial interview stages. Eventually, with the help of the SmartLearning team, I made it to one of the final interview stages and got employed, with ...


Information Security Analyst

A year ago, my job hours were impacted by the pandemic, so I started applying. Had some interviews but did not hear back during the lockdown and then it became quiet at some point. I was not discouraged but kept applying and did a lot of applications in December 2020. In January 21, the Heavens open...

Yvonne Doku

Data Protection Officer

Thank you so much for all the encouragement, and support, and for this platform. I got a permanent role working as a Compliance Manager. The interview was just a chat. It was meant to be a two-stage interview, but they offered me the role after the 1st interview. Yay!! I’m so grateful.I remember com...

Toyin Shogaolu

Compliance Manager

I joined the Smart Learning Software Testing Training program on 24th October 2022 and I can proudly say it is the best investment I have made career-wise! Before joining Smart Learning, I had done training on Software Testing and had done a series of interviews all resulted in an “Unfortunately” re...


Third Party Risk Analyst

I have good news. I just got a good contract role in the banking sector within the enterprise security control team. I can't thank you enough for your support, encouragement, and prayers. I would like to use this medium to encourage someone here. It doesn't matter how many times you have failed, nev...


Cyber Security Analyst

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