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How do I Know what Training Type is most suitable for me?

Cyber security is broad and provides opportunities for both graduates and professionals with varying backgrounds. If you are from a non-technical background, you may start with beginner-level courses in cyber security and then proceed to the intermediate level. Please contact us for further details and explanation. You can take our Personality Trait Assessment Test here

How do I book or Purchase Training?

You can book your preferred training course over the phone or online through our website using the add to cart functionality.

How do I pay for my Training?

You can pay for your training over the phone or via our website using a credit or debit card or bank transfer

What is Course Bundle and How does it Work?

The course Mix/bundle gives candidate the chance to select up to four courses from the instructor-led online courses. This will allow candidate to boost their skills and knowledge thereby increasing their chance of securing a job in cybersecurity.

How long is the training programme and how long does a class last?

Our training programme is dependent on the training option you choose, but most of our course bundles which are actual instructor-led live online are done over 4 weeks. The duration of each class is also dependent on the module.

Do you provide interview preparation support?

Yes, we provide interview and one-to-one support and we also provide guidance on writing your CV. You will also get access to our interview question bank and interview-prep video recordings.

What Training Options do you have available?

We offer classroom, instructor-led live “online” and self-paced training courses.

Do you offer job-based and skill-based training?

Yes, our training program is designed as an instructor-led live online/classroom training course alongside practical hands-on work-based experience sessions with the use of industry tools. You also get hands-on practice working on self-paced labs.

What Certifications are there for a Career in Cybersecurity?

There are a number of well-regarded certifications that you should be aiming for as a cyber security professional e.g. CompTIA Security+, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) to mention a few.

What experience do Tutors have?

Our tutors are experienced professionals and educators with years of industry expertise and experience in the field they tutor in.

What are the chances of getting a job after the training?

The chances of getting a job are high however, you will need to apply yourself to the training with active participation and self-study. We also recommend individual contact recruitment agencies to register your CV and enquire about vacancies. Our training will ensure you are work-ready and our experienced staff will give you all the help and information available. We cannot, however, guarantee our training will lead to employment.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Our team is always on hand to help with clarifying any queries or questions you might have. You can contact us through our website via email or over the telephone.

Who can attend this course? Who is this course designed for?

Anyone interested and with a desire to learn. Our courses are designed for learners at different levels, from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels. For some of our more specialized courses, you might need some basic technical knowledge, please see course details for specifics.

What is Mentor Program about?

The mentorship programme is designed for candidates who have passed through our training courses. We have a network of experienced cybersecurity specialists (Mentors) which we network and match to our candidates who are interested in a particular area of cybersecurity the mentors specialise in. This helps candidates improve their knowledge and skill level in their chosen area.

What support do you provide post-training?

We provide continuous learning for the candidate through our monthly webinar and on-the-support for all our courses. Our tutors and mentors are real-time experts with an immense experience in various cybersecurity field.

What makes SmartLearning different?

At SMARTLEARNING we pride ourselves in providing state of the art knowledge in cybersecurity using modern toolkits, learning methods and techniques. We also ensure our candidates are satisfied and by providing after training services that support candidates in preparing for the job market.

Who authors SmartLearning Content?

Our course content is authored by expert practitioners with years of combined real-world, academic, and professional experience in their fields. Our content is designed to keep you up to date on all the current technologies and frameworks you need.

How does SmartLearning help with Certifications?

We offer certification exams at Smartlearning UK. We also help you prepare for them.

Do you provide Training Notes?

Yes, we provide materials such as recorded training sessions for you to review after the class therefore, if you miss a class you can always catch up before the next class.

Where is the Classroom Training held?

You can study in a classroom at our venue in London, Lagos & Abuja.

Do I get a certificate after I complete the course?

Yes, you get a certificate of completion. We are in the process of accrediting our courses.

We develop human capital by enhancing the skills, knowledge and prospects of people who want to have great careers as IT security practitioners. We do this by focusing on rounded training that leads to a successful result and additional support down the line.
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