Operational Technology (OT) Security Architect.

The Operational Technology (OT) Security Architect Training is designed to equip cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge and skills required to secure and protect critical infrastructure and in...

Delivery Method: Instructor-Led Training

Course Delivery Format: live

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The Operational Technology (OT) Security Architect Training is designed to equip cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge and skills required to secure and protect critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. This comprehensive training program focuses on the unique challenges and considerations associated with securing OT environments, including the integration of IT and OT systems, network segmentation, threat modeling, and risk assessment.

Course Objectives

  • Understand Operational Technology (OT) and its unique security challenges.
  • Learn about the key components of an OT security architecture.
  • Gain knowledge of industrial control systems (ICS) and their vulnerabilities.
  • Explore methods for securing OT networks and systems.
  • Develop skills in network segmentation and access control in OT environments.
  • Learn threat modeling techniques specific to OT security.
  • Understand risk assessment methodologies for identifying and mitigating OT security risks.
  • Explore incident response and recovery strategies for OT environments.
  • Learn about emerging trends and best practices in OT security architecture

Course Outline

Course Outline for Operational Technology (OT) Security Architect.

Introduction to Operational Technology (OT) Security

  • Understanding OT systems and their significance in critical infrastructure
  • Differentiating between IT and OT environments
  • Key security challenges in OT systems

Components of OT Security Architecture

  • OT network design principles
  • Segmentation techniques for network isolation
  • Identity and access management in OT environments
  • Secure protocols and communication channels

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Vulnerabilities

  • Overview of ICS components and architectures
  • Common vulnerabilities in ICS systems
  • Attack vectors and threat landscape in OT environments

Securing OT Networks and Systems

  • Hardening OT devices and applications
  • Implementing secure remote access mechanisms
  • Network monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Patch management and vulnerability assessment in OT systems

Threat Modeling for OT Security

  • Identifying potential threats and attack scenarios
  • Conducting risk assessments for OT environments
  • Developing threat models specific to OT systems

Incident Response and Recovery in OT Environments

  • Developing an incident response plan for OT incidents
  • OT-specific incident detection and response techniques
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies for OT systems

Emerging Trends and Best Practices in OT Security Architecture

  • Exploring current and future trends in OT security
  • Industry standards and frameworks for OT security
  • Case studies of successful OT security architecture implementations

Course Prerequisites

Basic understanding of networking concepts, Familiarity with cybersecurity principles, Knowledge of industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA systems

Career Path

  • SCADA Security Manager
  • ICS/OT Cybersecurity Engineer
  • OT Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Cyber Security Advisory Lead – ICS/SCADA/OT
  • OT/Enterprise IoT Security Analyst

Target Audience

  • IT professionals with a focus on cybersecurity
  • Industrial control system engineers
  • SCADA system administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Security professionals interested in OT security architecture

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